Good Morning, and welcome to the 2017 14th  Annual Bankcard Services Scholarship Awards Ceremony. We have our Scholarship students and their parents here with us today, all who worked very hard to earn this accomplishment. Welcome, students and parents, we wouldn’t be here today without all of your hard work and dedication, thank you for being here today. We also have the members of the media here with us today to cover our event. Thank you, members of the media, for being here to share our Scholarship Awards event with the world. And of course the Bankcard Services Staff is here with us today as well. Welcome to all of my associates here with us today, thank you for working hard to organize this event and make it a success. Welcome to all of you, and thank you everyone, for being here today to share the 2016 13th Annual Bankcard Services Scholarship Awards Ceremony with us.





For 13 years now I have stood in this place, in front of everyone, giving the opening speech for this event. And every year, when I stand in this place, I have only one word of advice to share with our Scholarship winners. And that one word is always the same; LOVE.


Certainly many of you students here today have already decided on what your career will be for the next 10, 20 or even 30 years, and may have even decided on your life long goals. However, it may change. You may see new opportunities. You may explore a totally new industry that does not exist now. You may become an entrepreneur like your parents. There are endless possibilities and opportunities. But throughout it all, remember one thing; whatever you do, do what you love.


Many of you – maybe all of you – are already a chosen few. You are already special. You are privileged. You have been loved and supported by your family, friends, school, church, and community. Starting today, begin to love back your family, friends, school and church. Starting today, begin to love back even the communities you belong to. Start now. You must begin to love one another; you must begin to love your family, your friends, your associates, and lastly, the communities you belong to.


About 30 or 40 years from now, once you have achieved success in your career and life, pay back. Pay back the love and support you have received, to the people you love, to the communities you love, and to the profession you love. Pay back – I know all of you will make certain to reach your “accomplishments”, win “awards”, and honor “God”, or to attain whatever is in your own plans. Keep hoping and wishing, whatever you want to do, big or small, it does not mater – whatever you do, do it 100%. Big or small, whatever you do,  whatever you make, whatever you achieve, please share what you gain – not now, not 5 years later, but about 30 – 40 years later, please remember to pay back.





40 years from now, I will probably not be here to see you pay back with my own eyes. If I am, I think my children will be really mad that I am still around.

I appreciate all of you. Again, thank you for being here today to share the 2016 13th Annual Bankcard Services Scholarship Awards Ceremony with us.  And, please remember love. Remember to do what you love.

Thank you.

Patrick Hong
President, CEO